Bohurt Bazubands

Here are some bazubands I’ve just made for a cool fellow who does a fair bit of buhurt and BoTN style combat. He’s going after Mongolian style armour, which is a interesting departure from the European style armour I’m used to

Most of the historical bazuband I’ve seen has been rather lovely slender and shallow examples of Persian and Indian origin designed to be worn over a hauberk. I departed from this design as I figured they were going to be hit alot, and so wanted them to be a bit more protective. That’s also why I put a ridge down the middle despite me not having seen any prominent ridges as such on historical bazuband.

I did intend for them to be heat treated blue, but I didn’t quite manage to get there in a conventional oven. If you look closely, you can see blue hints coming through though.

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