Misshapen elephant ear spaulders


I present to you… drumroll… :a rush job.

These shoulder pieces were made for yet again another bohurt fighter who needed them pretty quickly for a tournament. Very loosely based off a picture of a Italian set from about 1450-1460 (please don’t try to google this, as it’s embarrassing how much they don’t resemble the historical piece). By comparison these are large and butch compared to the much more elegant reference piece.

The integral besagues, and triangle folds aren’t the same shape between the pieces, and the articulation could be far better, although the client seemed more than happy with the quality given the time pressure.

As to whether or not these are spaulders or pauldrons, I’m a bit conflicted. Keeping in mind that much terminology for armour is applied with a much more narrow definition nowdays than what was historically used for that term, I tend to think of them as spaulders that cover the armpit area, in the gradual trend towards the development of pauldrons.


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