All elbows

Mid to late 15th century Italian arm harness made from 1.6mm mild and 1mm spring steel for HMB combat.


In these pictures the arms are riding a bit low as they haven’t been pointed to the upper arm. The client was happy for the pieces to be quite roughly finished, so they’re still hammer marked and forge blackened.

Typical of Italian armours the left couter is actually quite small, but is covered by a wrapper plate that can be removed when using a shield. At some point in the future I’ll probably remove the current rivet holding it in place and put in a rivet that can hold a split pin so the wrapper can be removed more easily.


I’ve found that while mild steel is quite repairable in HMB armours, poleaxe hits to articulation lames can really impact on mobility. So here I’ve experimented and used spring steel lames, which are less likely to deform permanently when hit. It also helps reduce the weight a little, without adding too much time to construction as the highly shaped pieces are still of mild steel.

And here they are on the new owner:


He’s gradually changing his kit over from club owned splint and brig to more alwyte armour.  I approve 😛

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