Dirty arm and leg thingies.

Here is some of the kit that I hurriedly made for a fighter for the IMCF tournament in Denmark that’s just been. I only just made the deadline with two days to spare before we flew out.


The arms and legs are based off English 1370s armour, with a few departures for buhurt optimization. Notably, the cuisses extend higher up on the outside of the thigh to cover more of the pelvis, a commonly targeted zone. The spaulders are also floating (articulated by a leather backing) for easier movement – which results in larger gaps in between the lames, which I don’t like the look of. However since there’s no thrusts allowed in the IMCF rules it doesn’t impact negatively on their performance, just their historical accuracy.

With some of the lames I experimented a bit with russetting alongside my more usual burnt oil colouring.  It was quite interesting to do, hope I get the chance to do more in the future.


Most of the time at the tournament I spent running round like a headless chicken, repairing things for the Kiwis, and a few odds and ends for other teams. It was a really good experience, though exhausting. Perhaps I won’t have to break the bank to go next time.

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