Gothic Gauntlets

Following a proud New Zealand tradition, I’ve made some corrugated iron gloves.

Or close to.

Alternatively the first pair of functional gothic style gauntlets that I’ve made. The fellow who ordered them wanted them for HEMA and LARPing, after having his hand crunched in a HEMA bout. I was concerned that the fingers might be a bit too fat, at 3 cm wide, and impede movement, but he seems happy with them. I’ll ask him again in a few weeks once he’s tested them a bit more. The thumbs are articulated with leather by the clients request, although pretty much all museum pieces I’ve seen use a hinged articulation there.

On a random tangents, on New Zealand’s fascination with corrugated iron, there’s a town (Tirau) in the North island which specializes in corrugated iron artwork,  and in WW2 a tank was made out of corrugated iron . The Bob Semple tank was essentially a tractor with six machine guns and covered in corrugated iron.


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