Milanese Gauntlets and Bazuband

A quick pair of mitten gauntlets and bazuband. With both of these I was aiming for making them quickly, while still being suited for HMB. Both are in 1.2 spring steel, and only planished fairly quickly.

The colour you see in the gauntlets is the result of quenching them in oil instead of water. I started quenching in oil because it gives a bit of a slower quench, instead of water which is quite a fast quench. While a fast quench gives a steel that is harder than a slow quench, I was finding that my work pieces were cracking before being able to temper them. Redoing plates, or repairing mistakes is time consuming, and not something I really want to be doing with my time.

If I was to repeatedly quench a piece in oil, I suppose it would end up case hardening it, as the carbon content in the outer layers would increase each quench. However there’s easier ways to case harden something.

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