Good Grief! More Greaves!

So I’ve recently finished a new pair of greaves for a friend. These are 1.2mm tempered spring steel, which are a improvement over his last ones, which were 2mm thick…

It’s really nice to see the progress I’ve made since my last pair, both in speed, and ease of creation, and quality of product. Makes me happy although there’s still plenty of room for improvement.


In the process of being shaped.

Greaves Matt (1)Greaves Matt (2)

For the colouration, I went with the process of treating the steel multiple times with a dilute acid to help speed up rust formation, then boiling to convert the Fe(III) to Fe(II), along with carding. The plastic bags are because the pot wasn’t big enough, and steam and hot metal can produce the same effect, although less effective.

Greaves Matt (3)Greaves Matt

Oil tends to stay better on this type of blacking, as the rougher surface holds the oil better.

Although this is for a mongol kit, I drilled the holes for articulating with a european leg harness before hardening in case he wants to change over to a european kit sometime in the future.

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